Women's Transitional Healthcare

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At  Women's Transitional Healthcare, our desire is to help you be in charge of your health and empower you with resources to accomplish your goals.   A wellness plan is designed specifically for you and we are here to help you through the transition.  


Women's Transitional Healthcare has an experienced staff with a wide range of expertise; providing mental health therapy and various supportive services for girls and women with mental health issues and associated concerns related to pregnancy.  Our team draws upon their professional training, education and vast experiences to deal with the distinctive mental, emotional and relational needs of each person.  In addition to their specialties, our staff is well-equipped to serve girls and women with an array of presenting issues and with diverse backgrounds.


Our philosophy

 As a psychiatrist in Charlotte, I believe that every woman is special and should be treated that way.   Unique by design, a woman is instilled with purpose and potential.  At Women's Transitional Healthcare in Charlotte we appreciate and nurture those unique characteristics thus, allowing a woman to bloom into her natural state of beauty.   

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