Women's Transitional Healthcare clinic policy

Individuals receiving service at Women's Transitional Healthcare have both rights and responsibilities.  New patients are scheduled for an initial assessment/evaluation to obtain data that is used to help guide their course of care.

Please note:  We currently do not except insurance and all payments are due at time of service unless other arrangements has been made.


This policy applies to staff of Women's Transitional Healthcare, who serves clients and participants, and clients seeking serves from clinicians and staff employed at Women's Transitional Healthcare.


1.  Staff will explain to clients their rights and responsibilities as a regular part of the new patient intake and evaluation process.

  • All patients are either scheduled for a 30 minute to 1 hour new patient assessment or the Psychiatric Evaluation appointment with the treating clinician. 
  • During an assessment new clients are asked to bring in all current  prescription bottles and referring primary care clinician information.
  • Labs, screening evaluations and basic information to help determine course of care  will be obtained during this evaluation.
  • Clinician appointments will be scheduled either at the time of initial assessment or after information has been reviewed by treating team members via phone.
  • There is a $35.00 fee due at time of service for the initial assesments.  This is not the price of the Psychiatric Evaluation.
  •  All other fees and payment options are discussed at this time. 
  • All forms and documents that require completion are done at a scheduled time and thus acquire a processing fee. of $45.00.   We ask that you make us aware at the  time of scheduling an appointment if Disability or other forms will require completion.

2. Staff will ensure the client rights and responsibilities are available in written form to clients and participants. 

Women's Transitional Healthcare Clinic Policy

When you receive services from Women's Transitional Healthcare you have the right to:

  • Receive high-quality service
  • Be treated with respect and courtesy
  • Have your information kept private and confidential except as described in Women's Transitional Healthcare privacy statement
  • Be listened to and have staff work with you to make a plan to address your concerns and needs
  • Receive service in offices that are safe, clean and accessible
  • Get information and support to help you make decisions to improve your situation
  • Be served without discrimination
  • Discuss your service with staff to identify if it is working for you and express any questions or complaints that you may have

This is what we ask from you:

  • Treat the staff and others at Women's Transitional Healthcare with courtesy and respect.
  • Be aware that your appointment time is held for you and is not able to be given to others in need of an appointment if appropriate notice is not provided to use inregards to cancelation.  Thus, we are asking that rescheduling and cancelation occur as soon as possible and at the least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.  
  • Be a committed and an active participant in your treatment.
  • Pay all bills at time of service and make staff aware before service if other means of payment arrangements are needed.

3. Staff will ensure they are familiar with Women's Transitional Healthcare's privacy policies and procedures so that they can answer client's questions and assist clients in exercising their rights in regards to their record.